Cicero Biannual Conference in Oslo 2019

Cicero Biannual Conference in Oslo 2019

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CICEROTM League of International Lawyers is an established network of international independent law firms which provides links to high quality niche law firms all over the world, principally in the corporate/commercial/property sectors. Hulaas has been the Norwegian member of Cicero since 2013. 

Cicero functions as a gateway to excellent law firms throughout the world, enabling us to provide our clients with the highest quality legal service internationally.

We are looking forward to meeting our good colleagues from the Cicero network and hopefully showing them Oslo from its best side during the meeting.

The Cicero network is based on personal relationships between lawyers from different jurisdictions. That is why these meeting are so important to our network.

Read more about Cicero and how Hulaas is able to help our clients throughout the world as a Cicero member on the Cicero web page

Kristian Voie Danielsen

Advokat | Partner

Vegard Langeland Hagen

Advokat | Partner

Advokatfirmaet Hulaas AS


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