About Hulaas

Hulaas has offices in Oslo and Moss. The Hulaas roots go back to the law firm Koren, Hulaas & Storm founded in 1974. Advokatfirmaet Hulaas AS was founded in 2010, continuing the enterprise of the Hulaas law firm.

We take pride in providing the highest quality legal advocacy and advice to our clients in an efficient manner at competitive rates. While other companies flag mission statements for their companies’ internal goals, we at Hulaas believe our customers are more concerned with the outcome of their case. Instead of airy visions, we set concrete goals for every case and individual client and achieve them.

From 2013 Hulaas has been a member of the Cicero League of International Lawyers. The membership enables us to offer our clients the best legal representation in most countries across the globe.

Our clients cover a variety of industries in private sector, including media, real estate, construction, manufacturing and service industries. Our main areas of expertise cover all main areas of business law, including employment law, real estate, media and tech law, contract law, corporate and tax law. Hulaas lawyers are also appointed executioners of estates by the courts on a regular basis.

All our lawyers are seasoned advocates in their fields of expertise, with extensive experience from litigation and negotiations. We provide strategic legal advice to our clients regarding any issue or concern that may arise. We are fully committed to always having your contact person available to assist with any client need at any time.

We are fully committed to providing professional, effective and efficient services to all our clients. We represent our clients with passion, vigor and focus on the best possible outcome in every case. Our counsel focuses on options, risks and strategies, and how to best navigate the law and secure the desired outcome in close cooperation with our clients. In addition to our advocacy work, we provide strategic legal advice to our clients regarding any issues or concerns that may arise. We are committed to always having someone available to assist with any client need.

Standard rates

All clients receive a letter of confirmation that contains our standard terms and hourly rates for the particular assignment.

As of 1.1.2019 our standard hourly rates are:

Business clientsHourly rates ex. vatHourly rates incl. vat
2 000 - 3 000
2 500 - 3 750
1 700 - 2 400
2 125 - 3 000
1 500 - 2 000
1 875 - 2 500
950 - 1 050
1 188 - 1 313
1 900 - 2 600
2 375 - 3 250
1 600 - 2 300
2 000 - 3 250
1 500 - 1 800
1 875 - 2 250
950 - 1 050
1 188 - 1 313

Our standard terms are sent out to the clients as an attachment to the letter of confirmation. All assignments shall be carried out according to the Norwegian Code of Conduct for Lawyers, as drawn up by the Norwegian Bar Association.

Advokatfirmaet Hulaas AS


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